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      We are Libertarians who are committed to promoting an end to United States military intervention which we believe carries out an imperialist agenda that benefits powerful government and corporate special interests at the expense of the lives, liberty and prosperity of Americans and of peoples worldwide.  We are opposed to the militaristic view that violence can resolve all conflicts, and to the massive surveillance of innocent civilians, especially those engaged in political activity against war and government civil liberties abuses. 

     Libertarians believe that the Americans must show the world the light of liberty -- not the fist of a new world order.  We must emphasize to the people of the world that true peace can only come when governments, where they are constituted, use militaries only for self-defense and stop using them to repress internal dissent, squash separatist movements and threaten other nations.  We are committed to World Liberty through World Peace.  To Peace through Freedom.


We encourage all Americans and all peoples worldwide to embrace principles of:  

* human rights to life, liberty and property;  

* political self-determination for individuals and their chosen, voluntary communities;  

* military non-intervention to oppose imperialism by our own nations, as well as other nations;  

* non-provocative military self-defense and diplomatic negotiations;  

* multilateral and unilateral moves towards nuclear and conventional disarmament by all nations.

As libertarians, our strategy will be: 

* to use all means of nonviolent persuasion and action 

* to work within the Libertarian Party to ensure its platform, publications, candidates and actions advance the cause of non-intervention and peace 

* to work with established peace coalitions to promote our non-interventionist principles 

* to create local libertarian-oriented groups and coalitions to promote our non-interventionist principles.

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From Warfare to Welfare

        The tragic events of September 11th changed many people’s ideas regarding our military. What those events did not change is the huge amount that we taxpayers spend to defend other nations.
        Since the end of WW11 the United States has maintained a military presence around the globe. Today we have troops stationed in over 100 countries. With a defense budget of over $300 billion, or more than $1100 for every American man, woman and child, we spend far more than any other nation. Much of that expenditure is for the benefit of our allies who, also happen to be our economic competitors.
        It has been estimated that we spent $15 trillion to win the Cold War - more than enough to put much of our country through Harvard University, or buy a four bedroom house for every family.
        In Europe we have 100,000 troops across the continent; in Germany alone we have 66,000 troops while England rates 11,000 American servicemen and women. >From Spain through Italy, to the Baltic States and throughout Serbia and Kosovo American forces maintain a presence.
        The 45,000 troops we have stationed in Japan along with the 38,000 in South Korea form the bulwark of our forces in Asia. “Why are we there?” needs to asked when So. Korea has a population more than double that of No. Korea’s and a gross domestic product 15 times as large as it’s northern neighbor.
        Recent estimates put the cost of defending the oil supply in the Persian Gulf at over $50 billion annually, or about $150 for each of us. But how much of that oil gets to America? Not much: we import only $19 billion in oil from the region. The reality is that we import most of our oil from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. The majority of the oil produced and exported of the Persian Gulf ends up in Europe and Asia.
        Today the American taxpayer provides the defense umbrella that other nations live under. Currently we spend over $1100 for every man, woman and child on defense while our neighbors to the North, Canada will spend just $250 for each of their citizens. In Japan the government will spend $360 per person and in Britain the defense expenditure will average $580 for each person. With the United Kingdom and Japan being the two largest foreign holders on American Treasury notes we are in the odd position of borrowing from them - so that we can send our troops to defend them - and then tax our citizens for the privilege of doing so! In South Korea their government will spend $275 for each citizen, requiring the American taxpayer to spend as much to defend South Korea as the South Korean government does.     By Michael Wilson and Richard Easbey

1) At a minimum, join the Libs4Peace e-mail discussion list to keep in touch with the cause (e-mail  Encourage fellow libertarians to join these lists and these efforts;
2)   Check out the links above and send those links to other Libertarians or distribute them at meetings and conventions;
3)   Work with local peace and anti-war groups as a representative of Libertarians for Peace.  Attend their meetings, teach-ins and rallies and distribute literature.
 4)   Write or call your current LNC representatives (Officers, At Large and Regional) and tell them the LNC must make sure staff members put substantial efforts into supporting Peace and Non-Intervention. (LNC contact information at
5)   Lobby your state and local Executive Committees to issue a resolution supporting peace (check your newsletters for contact information);
6)    Recruit or become a 2006 Congressional candidate running on Peace issues -- or a 2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate who makes peace their number one issue!
7)   Try some of the 198 Methods of Non-violent Action.    And try some of these fun alternatives suggested by peace activists:  Call your community radio stations to make more public announcements;  Write to the White House and seal it with duct tape; Vote or register to vote;  Write; never stop writing to congress and your city leaders; Email other cities/country newspapers telling them that Americans do not support this war;  Pen Pals in Iraq; Stop Watching TV News - check your local; Community Debates and forums; More Rallies and Marches; Guerrilla Theater; Yard and Window Signs; March 8th International Women's day - Strip for Peace; Billboards protesting war;Huge Candlelight Vigil; Don't be embarrassed to tell everyone you are against the war; WEAR PEACE BUTTONS; Organize sit-ins;  Have a party and invite Iraqis; Door to door canvas; Invite speakers from Iraq here; End US government support for Israel, other Middle East nations, and all other nations; If someone disagrees with your peace stance, ask him or her if they are willing to die in Iraq or if they would want their brother, sister, son or daughter to go; Quit policing world, us citizens; Get more democrats and republicans who share our opinion to speak out;  Make a treaty for peace and get people to sign on; Get celebrities to speak out; Ask soldiers we know to put down their weapons; Write servicemen and women and tell them we support them by wanting them home now; Invite your neighbor to a protest; More bridge banners; Phony newspaper wraps; Peace Kites during MarchListen, love, help people wake up.

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